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Lothar Schaaf receives medal for merit in business by Baden-Württemberg

November 13, 2012

Medal for merit in Business Lothar Schaaf

For his excellent professional, personal and entrepreneurial achievements and in thanks for this exceptional merit for the economy of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the finance – and minister of economic affairs Nils Schmid awarded the medal for Merit in business to Lothar Schaaf in the new castle in Stuttgart.

And rightly so, we believe, Lothar Schaaf receives this honor, which is awarded to people or companies, who have excelled and excell in the economy of Baden Württemberg.

Since the takeover of Bay Spedition in 1975, the fortunes of the company have been in Lothar Schaaf’s hands. Even today, he still is available for assistance to his successors Michael and Markus in his capacity as president of the board of advisers.

Consistently he has expandedthe company, the rolling stock and logistics, and further developed the company with a energetic growth.

The consistent focus on the needs of the customers and markets have lead to success, and as a consequence Bay is nowadays one of the leading Logistics Service Providers in the Liquid and Dry Bulk Transport.

Besides the entrepreneurship of the Bay group, through his succesful actions and his commitment, in 1995 he established a foundation for the promotion of vocational training.

His typical swabian characteristics such as his bond with the area, his sense of family, his creativity, business sense, diligence and longterm approach, as well as his commitment regarding the promotion of vocational training, are the ingredients of this recipe for success for a sustainable development of the company.